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Insane Test Proves Strength of a 60-Ton Tank's Brakes

Image source: YouTube

Imagine standing dressed in a spiffy black suit for less than a minute knowing a tank would soon come barreling toward you only to stop inches away from your back. Like the Dutch test subjects, you'd probably throw a few nervous glances over your shoulder as you hear its thunderous roar approaching.

A video shows a more than 60-ton Leopard tank running top speed toward a group of nearly two dozen people standing in two rows in the middle of the road.

Leopard tank Image source: YouTube

Leopard tank Image source: YouTube

To their relief, the tank was able to stop just shy of them, kicking up a cloud of dust in its effort to do so.

After hearing the sound of the tank's brakes bringing it to a stop -- and realizing they were still alive -- the group laughed and turned around to face that machine that could have easily flattened them.

Leopard tank Image source: YouTube

Watch the footage:

The video is said to be "from the archives, when those beauties still driving around here," a person who posted footage on Dumpert wrote (translated via Google Translate). The video, which might be old, is getting play now after recently being posted to LiveLeak.

According to Aviation Week, these tanks are being phased out by the Dutch army.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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