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New App For Google Glass Hopes to Arm Conservatives in the Digital World


"We want to drive curiosity..."

Imagine walking to work with your new pair of Google Glasses and a message pops up: "250 Million in taxpayer dollars were spent to build this stadium."

Red Edge, a digital advocacy firm, plans to announce their new product today - the first known Google Glasses political app - and they hope it will revolutionize the way Conservatives and "the political right" use technology to push issues.

Red Edge introduced the first-known Google Glass political app today, with the intent to give Conservatives a digital advocacy edge. (Vimeo, screenshot).

Using data visualization, the Red Edge hopes their first-Ever Google Glasses political app will help push Conservative issues leading up to the 2016 elections.

"The goal is to educate people wherever they are at," Bret Jacobson, Red Edge partner, said.

Red Edge calls the app "Augmented Advocacy" since the user experiences augmented reality going through the glass device. When they enter a "targeted area" the app will reveal information tagged to the surrounding buildings. "We are hunting down the data set for some of the worst taxpayer boondoggles."

During their beta test phase, Red Edge sent people walking around the DC and highlighted "how massive the spending is," Jacobson said. "It basically triggers an info card when you enter a geographic area."

[sharequote align="center"]"We want to educate and empower citizens."[/sharequote]

"We want to educate and empower citizens," Jacobson said. "The 'small government' side usually plays at a disadvantage because its hard to remind people just how big the government is."

"This is a process of keeping the political right innovating — driving curiosity and testing things and seeing how it will work." Jacboson said Red Edge is looking to tailor the information to "user or client interest" but, he said, "We work with the political right, so I doubt Democrats will find much use for product."

Red Edge Partner and CTO Ian Spencer said the Red Edge team started a "set of minihackathons" the minute they cracked open the box from Google. "While Google isn't accepting submissions for GDK apps yet, we're ready to submit, get feedback, and keep playing with it ... there is a huge amount of potential here."

Spencer admitted that GlassWare is still in its infancy, Red Edge is excited to be "breaking new ground in a brand new field."

Jacobson pointed out that a large percentage of Google Glass users are in silicon valley, and noted "wasteful spending in California shouldn't be too difficult to uncover," he chuckled. "But people are always talking about the left having a major advantage on the tech and creativity side, we are trying to even those sides."


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