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She Makes An Outrageous Amount of Money Performing In Front of a Webcam — But It's Really Not What You Think


File this one under 2014's strangest "legal" way to make a living.

A Korean woman has quit her day job as a consultant in order to focus full time on her new career - eating in front of a webcam.

Reuters News reported on 34-year-old Park Seo-yeon, a woman also known online as "The Diva," who claims to be earning as much as $9,000 month by simply eating food in front of a webcam.  The single Korean woman is one of the most popular personalities in the latest fad known as "gastronomic voyeurism."

(Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

For three hours a day, Park eats in front of a live camera connected to the internet and chats with "fans." Some of her viewers send digital payments that can be converted to cash. According to the Reuters report, she was making so much money, Park was able to quit her regular job as a business consultant.

(Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

In addition to the throngs of food fetish fans who tune in to watch a woman eating food for hours, here is speculation that some of Park's viewers are merely lonely people who don't want to eat alone. One report claims that one-person households are on the rise in South Korea and many Koreans are eating meals by themselves. That statistic may be helping "The Diva" become the most popular dinner date in the country.

Watch the Reuter's story:

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