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Priest Who Performed Reported Exorcisms in Terrifying Indiana Case Doubles Down -- and the Reporter Who Broke the Story Speaks Out


Intrigue, fear and skepticism continue to abound following Latoya Ammons’ terrifying claims that she and her children were demonically possessed inside their Indiana home before a priest performed a series of exorcisms.

Despite debate over the validity of the claims, Father Mike Maginot doubled down in an interview with Bill O'Reilly last night, noting that what he saw was "something unworldly." And Indianapolis Star reporter Marisa Kwiatkowski who broke the story also told Megyn Kelly that her sources appeared to believe what they said about the purported possessions.

In conducting his interview with the priest, O'Reilly seemed skeptical, asking Maginot a series of questions about the shocking events that led to three exorcisms.

O'Reilly noted that the act of attempting to dispel demons is rare and requires permission from higher-ups in the church. He also questioned why the priest didn't meet with any of Ammons' children, despite claims that it was the kids, too, who were experiencing bizarre and horrific attacks at the hands of demonic spirits.

Maginot first provided some context as to how he learned about Ammons' troubles.

"First time I heard about the incident was just after the boy walked up the wall backwards," Maginot told O'Reilly. "I was in my parish conducting a Bible study class and I got the call because I was on call for the Catholic priest chaplain who was off at that time and they called me in to do an exorcism."

O'Reilly later pressed, asking why the boy who purportedly was observed walking up a wall didn't interact with the priest, Maginot explained that, at that point, the children had already been taken away from Ammons.

"When I went to do the interview at the home with the mother and the grandmother, it was a four-hour interview and the first two hours were basically just getting information on all the occurrences and phenomena," he said.

Maginot continued, "[One of the children was] put into a lock-down psychological children's ward and the other two were taken [to a foster care center] ... they were taken away from ... the mother -- and so I didn't have access to them and I discovered in the investigation that the mother was also possessed."

O'Reilly, who still seemed unconvinced, asked the priest flat-out if he believes that the family was afflicted by "something unworldly." Maginot answered, "I do."

Watch the interview below:

Later that same evening, host Megyn Kelly interviewed Kwiatkowski, asking her if she believes the veracity of the claims made by those she interviewed, but Kwiatkowski wasn't willing to publicly take a side.

"It's not my job to believe or disbelieve the story. I will leave that to others," the reporter said.

Noting that she did interview the registered nurse who claimed to see the boy walk "backward up the wall," among other witnesses who said they saw similar phenomena, Kwiatkowski said she has no doubt that the family and sources believe what they're telling her.

She also said that she didn't encounter any questionable character issues that would make her doubt sources' reliability. Kwiatkowski also said there were five or six people who claimed to see "possessed behavior."

Watch her speak out about covering the shocking story below:


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