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Hey Indianapolis, Your Pizza Guy May Be Carrying More Than Just a Large Pepperoni


“As long as they have gun permits ...”

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If you order a pizza in Indianapolis, your driver might be packing more heat than a steamy pizza.

After two pizza delivery drivers were killed in just two weeks, some drivers have decided to arm themselves while they work their routes, WISH-TV reported.

Indianapolis pizza drivers are now considering packing more heat than usual. (AP)

Bill Bruton is one of those drivers. He spent Super Bowl Sunday delivering pizzas all over Indianapolis for Aunt Polly’s Pizza. And he carried his gun, WISH reported.

“I’ve got a lifetime permit and I carry,” Bruton said.

The manager at Aunt Polly’s said their drivers have carried for years: “As long as they have gun permits,” Jeff White, store manager, said.

According to WISH-TV, pizza chains in Indianapolis have asked that customers leave a porch light on and give a reliable cell phone number to help protect their drivers. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

According to WISH-TV, not all Indianapolis pizza joints are as enthusiastic about their drivers carrying a weapon, but Pizza Hut managers did respond with concern for the safety of their employees:

“We took it real seriously,” Pizza Hut spokesman James Hines told the station. No Pizza Hut employees were involved in the shootings.

"We’ve coached every store – every employee on driver safety and different steps we can take internally to make sure our number one priority is the safety of our team members,” Hines said. Pizza chains have also asked that customers leave a porch light on and give a reliable cell phone number to help protect their drivers.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Friday night that a pizza delivery driver was shot and killed around 7 p.m. in the city. Police said a man in his 30s delivered a pizza to a couple and that shortly after he dropped it off, the couple walked outside and spotted the man laying face down.

Police officials said the pizza delivery man was shot and that the suspect stole the driver’s vehicle.

In Indiana, applications for concealed weapons permits are made through the local police department, and are issued by the Indiana State Police, according to USA Carry.

Indiana is a "Shall Issue" state, which means a sheriff must issue the permit even after the applicant meets all requirements for an Indiana Handgun Permit. Background checks are required when applying for an Indiana concealed weapons permit, and the state offers four-year or lifetime licenses.

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