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Endearing Kid Starts a YouTube Channel Asking for Just 'One Like'… Guess How Many He Has Now


"...he has a heart of gold."

Sir Fedora's face upon waking to newfound fame. (Image source: YouTube)

The Sir Fedora YouTube channel launched less than a week ago. Then, on Wednesday something magical happened: he went viral…beyond his wildest dreams viral.

sir fedora Sir Fedora's face upon waking to newfound fame. (Image source: YouTube)

Five days ago when Sir Fedora posted his inaugural YouTube video, all he asked for was one like. Now he has more than 23,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and thousands of Twitter followers -- and the numbers are still climbing.

But let's break down his viral fame. It all started with a plea for "one like."

"If we could get a like one this video, [I] will know that people are watching me. A new subscriber would make me feel so happy because I know there are a lot of YouTube channels out there that just blow, they like never made it," Sir Fedora said in his inaugural post.

"It's guaranteed, if you do subscribe, it's going to be worth it," he added.

Watch his first video:

The next day, Sir Fedora graced the Internet with his excitement over getting his one like.

"I'm feeling awesome right now," he said.

But he also had another request.

"Can we get three to five likes?":

On this video, he included his Twitter handle @sirfedora.

Then he went to bed and he woke up Wednesday to find he had 45 followers.

"This is ridiculous. So I woke up after a good night's rest to find I had 45 freaking followers on Twitter," he said.

"I'm so stoked," he added later.

Watch his endearing response:

He asks his viewers to comment about what happened that might have caused this spike in followers.

Then Reddit happened.

Logging on a few hours later, he found he had thousands upon thousands of subscribers and was "panicking."

"I asked for like three to five likes and I have like 40 or 30K likes and the feedback has been amazing," Sir Fedora said, unable to contain his glee.

sir fedora Image source: YouTube

Watch his "thanks soooo much" video:

If you decide to subscribe to the endearing kid, here's what to expect from the YouTube channel:

  • Game and iOS app reviews, "because I do have an iPod Touch," he said.
  • A "ton of cool videos." Videos will include at least one with "tons of pictures of me and my social life," he said.

Though some on Reddit have voiced their fear that the young man be bullied or crushed if his following drops, others have pointed out that the majority of people have been very supportive of him.

"[…] everyone so far seems to be very nice to him and he seems like he has a heart of gold...I hope this is more beneficial than detrimental," a Redditor going by Fortini wrote.

In the words of Sir Fedora, "let's go YouTube! Heck yeah!"

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