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Israel Foils Plans for Mass Shooting Attack at Jerusalem Wedding Hall


"A place of celebration."

The targeted wedding hall according to the Jerusalem District Attorney's office (Photo: Nof Yerushalayim)

Israeli security forces say they foiled plans for a terrorist attack on a wedding celebration.

Four Jerusalem Palestinians between the ages of 19 and 21 were charged Wednesday after officials said they planned to dress up as Orthodox Jews and spray the venue with Uzi submachine guns.

Israeli security forces say four Palestinians planned to target the Jerusalem wedding hall Nof Yerushalayim. (Photo: Nof Yerushalayim)

Before their arrest, the suspects allegedly approached a Palestinian arms dealer about purchasing two Uzis for approximately $14,000 and recruited another individual to fundraise for the mission. According to the indictment filed by the Jerusalem district attorney's office, they surveilled the Nof Yerushalayim wedding hall in Jerusalem where they checked out entrances for guests and staff.

The Jerusalem Post identified the suspects as Anas Ouisat, Basel Abidat, Ahmed Sarur and Amru Abado.

The indictment said Ouisat and Abidat had decided in December to plan a terrorist attack on civilians with the aid of a terrorist group.

Weddings in Israel among religious Jews can be large affairs, and the Nof hall holds up to 1,500 guests. The court documents said that Ouisat chose the location for its size and because he had once worked there.

The district attorney’s office said that after examining the targeted site, Sarur dropped out of the plans due to an argument with the others, at which point Abado joined in.

The director of the wedding hall Gilad Pinchas told the Jerusalem Post: “Nof is a place of celebration, the indictment is a gift from God.”

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