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Eight of the Strangest Perfume Scents Manufactured by a Company That Specializes In Strange Perfume Scents


"Hey, people like it!"

Image source: Demeter

Perfumes and colognes aren't all traditional scents like florals and spicy evergreen musks. No, some scents, when packed into a bottle into spray form, are downright weird.

But it's some of Demeter Fragrance Library's goal to bring wearers into a world of scents "inspired by everyday objects and experiences."

While the company's more than 250 fragrances include some typical smells, like honeysuckle or rose, some are more, shall we say, unusual.

"We want nothing less than to change the way fragrance is sold and used in America," the company said on its website. "We want to create environments where people can rediscover the wonderful world of scent that is too often overlooked or forgotten in our multi-tasking, modern world."

Here is a look at just a few of these unorthodox scents:


Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"Pizza is a departure even for Demeter, stretching the boundary of the concept of wearable fragrance. But we had to try – tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, a touch of oregano – perfectly balanced for the adventurous."

Tootsie Roll

Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"A luscious and delectable combination of fudge, caramel, chocolate and vanilla that brings back childhood memories of simple and easy pleasures."

Clean Windows

Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"You know how it smells when right after you have finished cleaning glass and it is squeaky clean? Well, its like that moment captured in a bottle, the way only Demeter Fragrance Library can!"


Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"You know what Demeter Turpentine smells like...That odorous ointment for bad paintings. Well here it is. Hey, people like it!"


Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"Our universe is a very dusty place. Dust usually shows its presence by blocking out light emitted from stars or nebula behind it, sometimes creating the illusion of a horse's head or a sombrero hat. But nobody really knows what a typical interstellar dust grain looks like. By studying how dust absorbs, emits, and reflects light, astronomers do know that interstellar dust is much different than the cell and lint based dust found around a typical house. Interstellar dust grains are composed mostly of carbon, silicon, and oxygen and are usually less than about 1/1000 of a millimeter across. Recent work indicates that most dust grains are not spherical. Alas, while our spirits may soar to thoughts of interstellar dust motes, Demeter's Dust scent is much more prosaic, based upon the more typical fine bits of fabric or dirt that give off a familiar and comfortable odor."

Giant Sequoia

giant sequoia perfume

"These trees are generally considered the largest living organisms on earth. It is hard to be anything but awed in their presence. With Giant Sequoia from Demeter Fragrance Library, we have captured the scent of that awesome power."

First Response -- Boston

Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"Americans are a wonderfully diverse people, but generally speaking, we do not agree on all that much. But we certainly agree that we take care of our own, so no one was surprised to hear about the Boston First Responders Fund, which has been set up to help the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. […] The smoke and rubber elements are to honor Boston's Firefighters, who with disregard for their own safety, constantly put themselves in harm's way for the benefit of others.  We should never forget the risks they take, and the bravery they demonstrate, each and every day."


Image source: Demeter Image source: Demeter

"Think outside the box… Inspired by childhood, Demeter's Crayon smell just like that new box of Crayolas® you opened on your first day of school."

Check out Demeter's "Fragrance Library of Colognes" for unusual and normal scents.

(H/T: Technabob)

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