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I'm Not a Sitting Duck': 59-Year-Old Woman Spots Burglars Outside Her Home, Grabs a Shotgun and Confronts Them -- Their Reaction Is the Best Part


"Crazy b**ch has a gun!"

Image source: KTTV-TV

"You have to at some point in time take responsibility yourself for your own safety," a homeowner told KTTV-TV in Los Angeles. "And that's all I was doing."

The homeowner is question, who gave KTTV only the name "Carla," woke up at 3 a.m. earlier this week when she heard her dog barking.

Image source: KTTV-TV Image source: KTTV-TV

Carla, a 59-year-old who lives in the L.A. suburb of Cheviot Hills, looked outside and saw a man in her backyard and another waiting by a car.

That's when she took action.

Donned in her nightgown, Carla went outside with a shotgun. She told the KTTV reporter she heard one of them say, "Crazy b**ch has a gun!"

Carla let them know she meant business and fired once toward the ground to scare them off. The blast did the trick apparently, as the two men ran back to a white sedan and drove away.

"To let them know, 'I've got a gun and I know how to use it,'" she told KTTV. "And hopefully this is going to tell these guys, 'I'm not a sitting duck.'"

"I'm not a sitting duck," Carla told KTTV, adding that her 90-year-old mother was in the house at the time of the attempted burglary.

Detectives said two male Hispanics broke into a house in Carla's town, entering the residence through the garage and stealing several items while the homeowners slept. These men, presumably the same ones Carla confronted, robbed another nearby home as well.

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