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Dad Finds Man With His 'Pants Down' Doing 'Every Parent’s Nightmare' – So He Did What Any Father Would Do


"It's not what i would say. There would be nothing to say. We would take care of it."

(Source: KATU-TV)

An Oregon dad punched a man in the face “two to three times” after he caught him allegedly touching himself while staring at his young daughters.

The father, identified as Jeremy Clouse, told KATU-TV that his first instinct was to protect his daughters, ages 8 and 5, after he noticed the creep on the daily walk to the school bus stop.

"I saw a guy in a silver car with four doors and he didn't belong around here. He was staring at my daughters funny,” Clouse recalled.

(Source: KATU-TV) (Source: KATU-TV)

When Clouse walked around the car to see what the man was doing, his fears were confirmed.

“And he had his pants down around his knees and, uh, doing every parent’s nightmare,” Clouse told the news station.

Likely reacting like any father would, Clouse punched the man two or three times. The suspect, identified as a light-skinned Hispanic male, reportedly fell over in the driver’s seat and quickly drove away. The dad then called 911.

Though they don’t have a police sketch to go on at the moment, police in Gresham, Ore., say Clouse likely left bruises on the suspect’s face with the beat-down so he may be easier to find. They are still looking for a silver or gray, 1990's Nissan 4-door car.

In the meantime, it would be in the alleged sexual deviant’s best interest to avoid that neighborhood for the rest of his life.

“It's not what I would say. There would be nothing to say. We would take care of it. We would hold him there,” Clouse added.

(H/T: HuffPost)

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