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Jon Stewart hammers Obama on pay-for-play seeming ambassadorships, suggests Hannity act as Russia liason


With the White House's denial that several of President Obama's foreign ambassador nominees were being rewarded for donating to his reelection campaign, "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart has an idea: Disprove any corruption allegations by naming Sean Hannity ambassador to Russia.

The Obama administration fell under fire this week after two ambassador nominees, both bundlers for Obama's reelection, said they hadn't ever visited the countries they would be appointed to.

"Let me ask this," Stewart said on his show Wednesday, "have any of you f***ing people been to EPCOT Center? Have you been anywhere?"

He continued: "Why don't we prove the process isn't corrupt and it's not about raising money for the Democrats? Why can't it just be about picking someone we aren't that crazy about and sending them away?"

A photo of Fox News's Hannity appeared on the screen.

"He said he wanted to leave anyway," Stewart said, referring to Hannity's recent remark that he might leave New York City.

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