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I Was Pretty Naive': Waiter Has Major Regrets After Purported 'Tips for Jesus' Gratuity Flub


"I thought it was someone who had a drink too many..."

Image source: Tips for Jesus Instagram

As the ever-mysterious "Tips for Jesus" movement forges on, one waiter is claiming that he was so stunned by a massive tip that was left on a $50 bill last December that he threw the receipt away in disbelief.

Ron Kinney, 67, a server at the French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif., assumed that the individual who left the gratuity simply had too many drinks and made a mistake.

Not knowing anything about the "Tips for Jesus" phenomenon, Kinney told the San Francisco Chronicle blog that the tip was either $4,000 or $7,000. Either way, he thought it was inaccurate.

Image source: Tips for Jesus Instagram Image source: Tips for Jesus Instagram

"I was pretty naive, I guess. I thought it was someone who had a drink too many and didn’t realize what they were doing," he said. "We see this all the time. People make mistakes."

Since throwing out the receipt, Kinney and his co-workers have reportedly been looking for it, but to no avail. And now, the waiter wishes he had kept the money to help with his retirement, so he's speaking out.

What is unclear, though, is how Kinney was able to process payment for the $50 if the receipt was tossed out. If a credit card was used and the customer inserted a total, one would assume that the sum would be used to process payment.

But it's also possible that Kinney threw the bill out entirely and didn't charge the customer -- or that he charged only the $50.

Regardless, he now says the large gratuity is gone.

Image source: Tips for Jesus Instagram Image source: Tips for Jesus Instagram

It's unclear who's behind the "Tips for Jesus" movement, thought it is rumored that former PayPal Vice President Jack Selby is the individual who has traveled the nation leaving massive tips along the way (we've covered the movement extensively here).

An Instagram account with the username “TipsForJesus” is continuously documenting these escapades, including images of receipts from each good deed and some of the elated faces of individuals receiving these gifts.

A mission statement is present on the aforementioned Instagram account: “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

(H/T: Daily Mail)


Featured image via Tips for Jesus Instagram account

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