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Heartbreaking: Missing Woman Found Dead Inside Her Car. Horrible: The Car Was Issued Several Parking Tickets.


"It’s possible the body could have been in the car at that point..."

A Pennsylvania woman who had been missing for more than a week was found dead inside of her vehicle near Philadelphia's 30th Street Station -- a car that had actually been issued numerous parking tickets in recent days.

Nadia Malik, 22, was found slumped over in the front passenger seat, her body hidden under a large bag.

"There is a book bag with stuff that is dumped out and placed on top of her," Philadelphia Police Department Lt. John Walker told KYW-TV.

The mother of two had been missing since Feb. 10.

Calls to 911 had previously reported that the vehicle was parked illegally, so authorities began issuing parking tickets. It's unclear how long Malik's body was inside as seven or eight tickets were placed on the car, but the first infraction -- dated Feb. 10 -- was issued when the vehicle was at a different location.

In the midst of heavy snowfall, Walker said the car was towed to the train station as part of a snow removal plan, where it reportedly continued getting tickets.

What's unclear is whether the body was in the car the entire time, including when it the vehicle was towed. It seems a variety of factors, including heavy snowfall, tinted windows and a large bag that was placed on the body, could have caused parking officials to overlook her body.

"It’s possible the body could have been in the car at that point but we won’t be able to determine that until tomorrow’s post examination by the medical examiner," Walker told KYW-TV. "Appears from the dirt on the windshield that the car was probably snow covered and the way she was slumped over and positioned in the passenger seat, you really couldn’t see inside the car."

Malik's death is being deemed suspicious, as police investigate what led to her demise. An autopsy will be performed today to see if there was foul play.

Police plan to speak to her ex-boyfriend who was arrested in Ohio on separate probation charges and who was seen with her before she went missing.

(H/T: CBS News)


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