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Guess what former fed chairman has a book coming out


According to the Associated Press, Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has a new book in the works.

Bernanke, a 2006 George W. Bush appointee who recently stepped down from his position as the head of the Fed after eight years, intends to write about the financial crisis as well as the "Great Recession" that followed.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. (Getty Images) Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. (Getty Images) 

Bernanke, currently a fellow at the Brookings Institution, said that he hopes to "be able to explain that it (the Fed’s handling of the economy) was the right thing to do, and,” Bernanke added with a laugh, “to attest to my loyalty to the United States."

In addition, according to the Associated Press:

"Bernanke said he had not yet started the book, but had been organizing his thoughts and expected to take about a year to finish. He said he will write the book himself, although he will likely have help with research."

The title and release date of the book has not yet been set.

Bernanke's previous book, published in 2009 was titled "Essays on the Great Depression."

He follows in a long line of Federal Reserve Chairmen to pen books following their tenures, including Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker.

For additional reading on the Fed/money, we would direct you to the reading list on the Grant's Interest Rate Observer website, including Carter Glass's "An Adventure in Constructive Finance" (Glass, the Glass in Glass-Steagall was one of the architects of the Federal Reserve), Lawrence Weschler's "Boggs: A Comedy of Values" on art, money and counterfeiting and Henry Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson" on everything economics-related.

Another great read on money and banking is Murray Rothbard's "History of Money and Banking in the United States."

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