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For The Record' investigates alleged political intimidation in Wisconsin


This Wednesday on TheBlaze TV, "For the Record" looks into a series of political raids from the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office targeting Republican Gov. Scott Walker. An investigation into money missing from a veterans’ fund has turned into a controversial, multi-year probe aimed at a large number of people and nearly 30 conservative groups who support Walker. The investigation is called “John Doe” because it’s supposed to be secret, but a series of leaks from the district attorney’s office has made it a very public affair instead. Now, there are questions about what some believe are unethical tactics by the DA in a politically motivated case.

How far are some willing to go? And if they succeed, could this type of political intimidation become a national epidemic? Those are some of the questions raised in this week’s installment.

Watch a two-minute preview of the episode below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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