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Christian Leader Invokes 'Seinfeld's' Soup Nazi to Defend Businesses That Refuse to Bake Wedding Cakes for Gay Couples


"He had a right to serve soup to anybody he wanted to..."

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Evangelist and television host Pat Robertson defended businesses who refuse to offer services to people "they don't like," citing the Soup Nazi, a popular character in the "Seinfeld" TV series, in making his point that businesses should not be forced to support gay weddings.

"Remember the great Soup Nazi in the 'Seinfeld' series? He had a right to serve soup to anybody he wanted to and I think you've got the right to bake for anybody you want to, or to provide wedding photography to anybody you want to," Robertson said. "This is ridiculous that they would force them to do something else."

Before making these claims, Robertson, an evangelical businessman whose controversial comments often land him in the headlines, spoke about the right of companies and businesses to "conduct their business in ways they want to as long as it doesn't hurt somebody else."

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Speaking against the policies of some state governments that crack down on Christian business owners who decide against offering services for gay weddings, Robertson said that people should have the right to choose whom they serve.

"They obviously can't leave trash out on the streets and pollute the environment and so forth but there's something basically un-American about forcing a bakery ... to bake a wedding cake for a couple they don't like," he added. "They don't like the people -- that's the way it is."

Watch Robertson's comments below:

Robertson referenced Attorney General Eric Holder's recent claim that states do not necessarily need to defend bans on gay marriage.

TheBlaze has been covering the ongoing debate over Christian business owners who face legal penalties for choosing not to offer services for gay weddings.


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