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Before the first shot in the American Revolution, before King George III referred to American colonists as “rebellious children,” American colonists’ desire for freedom was shaping a new nation.

The British Empire directly opposed the colonists’ desire for liberty, but the early Americans were hell-bent on individualism and the ability to govern their own way.  The more impositions, laws and taxes that were thrown at American colonists, the more they dug in their heels for freedom. In 1765, the Stamp Act was passed in parliament as the first direct tax on the colonies. The distaste of “taxation without representation” quickly grew to a soft roar.

Later that year, the Sons of Liberty was created to fight against the British tax collectors.  Responsible for the Boston Tea Party, they stood against a powerful empire in the name of liberty.

Samuel Adams wrote, “The Sons of Liberty … animated with a zeal for their country then upon the brink of destruction … resolved, at once to save her.”

A nation of patriots was awakening.

And they weren’t buying it when King George’s former minister declared: “I maintain that the Parliament has the right to restrain America. Our power over the colonies is sovereign and supreme. They must obey.”

Sound familiar?

While the nation isn’t currently battling a monarch, it sure feels like we are. Between the NSA spying on American citizens, the IRS targeting political enemies, and Benghazi lies, the abuses of power just keep coming. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said, “[President Barack Obama] is acting as if he's both the executive and the legislator. That's a recipe for tyranny ..."

Citizens for Self-Governance is doing something about the government’s outlandish abuse of power. Their Convention of the States Project urges state legislatures to properly use Article V of the Constitution to call a convention to reduce the power of Washington, D.C.  If you liked the original American Revolution, you’ll love the Convention of States Project, which is going back to the founders’ original “emergency cord.”  They gave it to us in Article V in case the government grew too large or abusive.  The time to pull it is now.  

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Join this historic movement today and let your voice be heard.

“The purpose of the convention is to limit the scope, power and jurisdiction of the federal government,” Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self-Governance said. “That’s a debate we should be having during a presidential year.”

“My background is in the Tea Party movement, and so we know how to organize. We have citizens in every state, and we’re organizing literally at the state legislative level in all 50 states right now,” he said.

America is still a nation of patriots.

Let’s resolve, at once, to save her.

Those interested in getting involved or learning more about the topic can visit the Convention of States website. To learn how you can support the Convention of States, download the FREE handbook today!


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