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Military Members Recreate Oscar Picture, and if You Look Close It's Dead On


"If one the bases in the area recreates Ellen's picture, I'll post it and try and get it re-tweet more times than Ellen's."

Image: Twitter

Less than two days after Ellen Degeneres' Oscar night selfie broke the Twitter record for number of retweets, there's a new challenger on the web hoping to snatch Ellen's crown.

The Raleigh-Durham triangle in North Carolina is home to a few military bases, and that gave talk radio host KC O'Dea from WTKK and WPTI an idea.

O'Dea told listeners Tuesday, "If one of the bases in the area recreates Ellen's picture, I'll post it on Twitter and try and get it retweeted more times than Ellen's."

Afterward, O'Dea told TheBlaze, the response was "almost immediate."

A few of the men and women at nearby Pope Airfield took up the challenge, trying to pose exactly as all of the famous faces did on Oscar night.

Image: Twitter Image source: WTKK radio

Compare to the star-studded Oscar one:

Image: Twitter Image: Twitter

Pretty impressive, right?

So, does the Pope Airfield selfie have a shot at besting Ellen's record of more than 3 million retweets? They're going to need a lot of help if they want to break it. Track their progress:


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