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If Hillary thinks Putin is Hitler, Dick Morris thinks Obama is Neville Chamberlain

Dick Morris/

Interesting theory (encased in question marks) on American-Russian relations, brought to us by the occasionally sometimes right-sometimes wrong Dick Morris, who writes in The Hill:

Has [Vladimir] Putin’s estimate of [President] Obama led directly to his decision to invade Crimea? Did Obama’s inability to stand up to Syrian President Bashar Assad leave the Russian leader with doubts about the American’s strength? Did his decision, right after taking office, to scrap American missile deployment in Eastern Europe — handing Putin his cheapest victory — lead the Russians to question our president’s strategic sense? Did Obama’s cave-in to Iran cause Putin to think he could get away with aggression?

Does Obama’s weakness invite aggression as surely as Neville Chamberlain’s did?

Morris's column comes on the heels of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who said Tuesday that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is "what Hitler did back in the '30s."

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