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Ann Coulter Thinks She Knows What the Push for Amnesty Is All About


"Demographics are changing by force. There is nothing natural about it.”

Journalist Ann Coulter attends the Time 100 Gala, celebrating the 100 most influential people in the world, on Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in New York. (Source: Peter Kramer/AP)

Legal immigration has quadrupled in the last four decades, and it has not been natural but a Democratic plan to increase their vote share from a 1965 law, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said Saturday – offering one of her most bombastic characterizations.

Media personality Ann Coulter attends the We Are Family Foundation 2014 Gala at Hammerstein Ballroom on March 6, 2014 in New York City. (J. Countess/Getty Images)

“My favorite network for humor is MSNBC. They're always sneering, demographics are changing. No this isn't a natural process,” Coulter said. “It's like you're being raped and the guy is telling you 'my penis is in you.' No, you're raping me. Demographics are changing by force. There is nothing natural about it.”

Coulter joined a panel Saturday in National Harbor, Md. asserting that immigration is the most important issue to conservatives. The event, sponsored by Eagle Forum and the Center for Immigration Studies, was separate from the nearby Conservative Political Action Conference, but took place to coincide with it.

The Eagle Forum report the 1965 bill by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) dramatically increased immigration from 9.7 million in 1970 to 40 million by 2010. Immigration has doubled since 1990 and tripled since 1980, according to the report.

Coulter said giving legal status to more illegal immigrants would doom Republicans to generations of losses, and said the increase number of immigrants helped President Barack Obama defeat Republican Mitt Romney in 2012.

“I also don't think you can remind people enough Democrats have not been winning people through their dazzling arguments,” Coulter said. “They have changed the voters and in the 2012 election, if the country had not changed, by force, on purpose, by people trying to harm this country, i.e. Ted Kennedy, Romney would have won a larger landslide against Obama than Reagan won against Carter in 1980, because he won 4 points more of the white vote. Back in 1980, the country was nearly 90 percent white now.”

Eagle Forum released a compilation of polling data that showed 75 percent of Hispanics want more government services, 68 percent of Muslim immigrants want bigger government, and 55 percent of Asians support more government services. That's compared to just 37 percent of white voters who support more government and 52 percent who want less government. Meanwhile, 41 percent of the general public support more government compared to 48 percent that support less government.

“Republicans are fools to support any kind of amnesty or continuing to import millions of foreigners who reject conservative views and are going to vote for the Democrats,” Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly said.

"They all come to the same conclusion, that Hispanic and Asian immigrants want a bigger government providing more services rather than what those conservatives want, which is less spending and less government," Schlafly said of the polls.

Coulter said it's like “invasion of the body snatchers” as to why so many conservatives would support bringing in more voters to undermine what they stand for. She compared it to New Yorkers going to Florida and Massachusetts voters moving to New Hampshire. In both cases, these residents move for taxes, then vote for Democrats who will raise their taxes, Coulter said.

“Those are the only two groups that benefit. Lobbyists accessing a lot of government services, Democrats benefit because we're soon approaching a point where Republicans never win another election,” Coulter said. “If we stop it now, there is still time. Business benefits because they get cheap labor – cheaper and cheaper and cheaper labor. Is it that Boehner wants to go to work for a lobbyist himself is is it all these guy around him, congressional staff, they want the job lobbying. I suspect a lot is the staff and Republicans just don't hear the truth.”

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