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Dancing Louie Gohmert pretty positive Rick Perry is going to run for president

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

One thing's for sure. The Breitbart News people know how to throw a party.

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

Friday night at the "Breitbart Embassay" in Washington, D.C., the conservative outfit threw a speakeasy-themed party in light of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Likeminded media types and some others ate shrimp, drank and  smoked freshly-rolled cigars while listening to the live big band playing in the living room.

In the kitchen, TheBlaze Blog spotted Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert chatting up some friends and fans. We asked if he was attending any of the CPAC speeches. He said no but that he caught some on TV, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Perry's speech earlier in the day electrified the crowd and might have been the start of his second bid for the Republican presidential nomination (he lost his first one in 2012 to Mitt Romney). We asked Gohmert if he thought Perry was going to run.

"Do you think there's any shot he won't run?" Gohmert asked rhetorically, indicating a certainty that Perry will run.

A supporter of Gohmert who was overhearing our conversation then walked up to introduce himself. He said Perry's new spectacles are as good a sign as any that he'll run. "It's probably to make him look smart after that debate," the Gohmert fan said, referring to the 2012 GOP primary debate when Perry tried naming three federal government departments, but failed to recall the third he wanted ("oops").

At that, Gohmert wanted to go off the record. So, we did.

Later, however, we saw him demonstrating some impressive swing dancing.

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

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