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Palace Guards Are Never Supposed to Show Emotion. Watch How a Jovial Guy Apparently Got One to Crack a Smile.


A video posted online last Wednesday shows an individual successfully inspiring a smile from an alleged palace guard.

While it was not clear when or where exactly the footage was captured, the video shows a young man named Yankel walking up to a guard and joking about how the two knew each other from childhood.

"He was never talkative," he says of the guard. "I remember in school, he used to sit by himself and read books. I was just this guy fooling around and having fun, he was a sweetie — you'd ask him questions and he'd answer with his head."

"His mother always picked him up from school," Yankel added. "He always had to have a guide. Until he was 20, his mom always picked him up from school."

At this point, the palace guard is unable to control himself. He lets out a slight smile which eventually grows to a larger one.

Watch the Video:

As always, you have to watch out that this could be the inevitable Jimmy Kimmel prank. You've been warned.

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