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See Woman's Wild Response to Reporter’s Question About Posting Naked Photos of Her Estranged Husband's Girlfriend


"Get out of my face!"

Image source: WNEP-TV

Put yourself in Julie Ottaviani's shoes.

The 54-year-old Pennsylvania woman had just agreed to plead guilty to charges of corruption of minors and criminal use of a computer — after admitting she posted nude photos of her soon-to-be-ex husband’s girlfriend on the Internet as a way of getting back at him, investigators said.

So Ottaviani was exiting the courtroom in Hanover Township, Pa. — about 90 miles north of Philadelphia — on Tuesday when she came face to face with reporter Bill Wadell of WNEP-TV in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

When Wadell asked if she wanted to apologize for what happened, Ottaviani was having none of it, and she tried ripping away Wadell's microphone.

Image source:  Image source: WNEP-TV

Restrained by a male companion — who tried blocking cameras from recording Ottaviani's exit into the courtroom parking lot — she wasn't through.

When Wadell attempted to question her again, Ottaviani let her arm hang way down near the ground...

Image source: WNEP-TV Image source: WNEP-TV

...and hurtled it upward, formally introducing the reporter's face to the side of her purse.

Image source: WNEP-TV Image source: WNEP-TV

Wadell recoiled in audible shock and (perhaps) pain, and Ottaviani is heard saying just after, "Get out of my face!" Indeed, the interview came to abrupt end.

When Ottaviani is driven out of the parking lot, a male is heard off-camera saying he will charge her with assault.

Image source: WNEP-TV Image source: WNEP-TV

County detectives said Ottaviani — in the middle of a divorce from her husband — hacked into his computer and cellphone in January and naked photos of his new girlfriend.

Investigators said Ottaviani created a fake Facebook page where she posted the naked photos and friended the girlfriend’s 14-year-old — who ended up looking at the page out of curiosity and the photos of his mother.

“I wanted to get her fired and I wanted her kid to hurt as much as mine,” court records indicate she said, WNEP noted.

As part of her agreement to plead guilty, more serious charges of dissemination of sexually explicit material to a minor were dropped. Ottaviani is free on bail; her next scheduled court appearance is in June.

Hanover Township police are investigating Ottaviani’s purse-swinging incident, which you can view in its entirety:

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