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F-18 Hornet Versus Formula One Race Car: Who Wins?


When an F-18 Hornet goes up against a Formula One race car, who will win in this speed showdown?

The answer is clear: us. Because we get to watch.

The roughly 32,000-pound F-18 Hornet dwarfs the Red Bull Formula One car, but size isn't your friend when starting a race. (Image source: YouTube)

This adrenaline frenzy was hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force at a base near Melbourne, just ahead of the Australian Grand Prix this week.

Reigning F1 champions Red Bull lined up their latest driver, Aussie native Daniel Ricciardo, alongside a the F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet for the spectacular drag race, according to the Daily Mail.

qer Ricciardo screeches to a lead in the first split seconds of the race. (Image source: YouTube)

Let's be clear, jets and cars can't really race each other, although it's always awesome to see the stunt. When starting from a dead stop on a runway, almost any car with at least six cylinders could get a head start on the 16-ton fighter aircraft.

But when the F-18's two massive jet engines kicked in, blasting roughly 24,000 pounds of thrust per engine, the Formula One race car — with its V6 1.6l turbo engine boosted by an electric motor — didn't stand a chance.

Watch the video below to get a taste of the action ...

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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