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Here's a Blaze Books exclusive excerpt from Greg Gutfeld's new book 'Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You


Greg Gutfeld has a new book out today titled "Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You," in which he argues that elite leftists are the cool bullies in the schoolyard of life--except for the fact that every belief they espouse is actually not cool.

In reality it is those who rebel against the leftist conformity, argues Gutfeld, who are the truly cool members of society, and who must reassert themselves if America is to turn itself around.

Check out an exclusive excerpt from his book below, and be sure to read our review at Blaze Books as well.

Greg Gutfeld on the Glenn Beck program during 2010. (Image Source: Fox News/Youtube Screengrab) Greg Gutfeld on the Glenn Beck program during 2010. (Image Source: Fox News/Youtube Screengrab)

Social consciousness has become a gimmick to excuse reprehensible behavior. In fact, put “social” before any word, and it becomes “important” and “compassionate.” At its worst, social consciousness masks evil—it’s flimflam for the foul, a condemnation condom. Social consciousness won Al Sharpton invites to the White House, despite the cad’s ruining countless lives since his garish orgy of racial exploitation that began with the Tawana Brawley case in 1987.

How do you know that social consciousness is thoroughly worthless? When it’s so easy that everyone else is doing it. When it’s integrated into sappy TV sitcoms, and when corporations desperate for approval from people who hate them flaunt it on their websites or on Twitter. When superficial and dumb-as-dirt celebs get involved.

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Social consciousness becomes the dumping ground for reflexive, attention-seeking acts of meaningless symbolism—a phony exercise meant to shroud the shallowness of those employing it. It’s a sham’s best friend. It makes you miss the cool of old: the aimless biker with a nonfilter cig hanging from his lips. Yeah, he smelled bad. But at least he won’t block your path to work to get you to sign a petition to save the paramecium. And, for the record, paramecia are a**holes.

On the ladder of cool, however, social consciousness maintains the top spot. At the bottom, hanging on to the lowest rung of uncool, resides its opposite: the boring capitalist. Meaning, the person who is greedy and always out for himself. The person making a buck is inferior to the person who gives a f**k. Never mind that the greedy dude is usually making a buck to support a family, and often a community. And, oh yeah, a country.

Of course, it’s the boring capitalist who often bankrolls the people who hate him. If it weren’t for the person bringing in the money, nothing else would work. For a community to grow to a size that sustains those who don’t contribute to the growth of said community (whom I call leeches but society has chosen to call grad students), you need an immensely powerful creature to build a structure that allows those loafers to exist. But even a whale can only support so many parasites.

Without a “capitalist consciousness,” there is no “social consciousness.” A poor society cannot help the poor. This is why no one should listen to Al Sharpton. If it weren’t for people Al Sharpton hates, there would be no Sharptons. This is troubling to me. Why is the average businessman boring but the radical type deemed cool?

Excerpted from NOT COOL Copyright © 2014 by Greg Gutfeld, published March 18 by Crown Forum, a division of Random House LLC, a Penguin Random HouseCompany.

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