What Two Words Do Those ‘Seeking to Increase Tyranny and Totalitarianism’ Tend to Use?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians said Thursday that there are two words often used by those “seeking to increase tyranny and totalitarianism.”

Speaking with guest host Stu Burguiere on the Glenn Beck Program, Lapin explained: “For those seeking to increase tyranny and totalitarianism, fairness and equality is a great thing to work people up about, because you essentially get a population — particularly a docile population — to agree to almost anything in the name of equality and fairness.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin speaks on the Glenn Beck Program March 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Rabbi Daniel Lapin speaks on the Glenn Beck Program March 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“That’s one of the reasons that the word ‘fair’ doesn’t exist in the Hebrew language, the Lord’s language,” Lapin added. “The word simply isn’t there. So much so that when little Israeli youngsters want to whine ‘it’s not fair,’ they can’t use the Hebrew word; they have to resort to the English word.”

Lapin said the concepts of fairness and equality are currently competing with freedom on a massive scale, and “equality has become something that trumps freedom.”

He referenced the cases where bakers or florists are forced to provide their services for homosexual weddings, despite their religious objections. If someone invokes “equal rights,” he said, that “instantly trumps” the freedom of the baker or the florist.

“Freedom is being eroded steadily … in the name of equality,” he warned.

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