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Exclusive Movie Clip: Little Boy Who Says He Nearly Died and Went to Heaven Stuns His Parents With Shocking Revelation


"...a huge moment of that peace that surpasses understanding."

Image source: TriStar Pictures

"Heaven Is for Real," the bestselling book about a young boy who claims he ascended to heaven, met Jesus and interacted with dead relatives during a near-death experience, is headed to the big screen in just a few weeks.

Image source: TriStar Pictures Image source: TriStar Pictures

Colton Burpo and his parents, Todd and Sonja Burpo, have regularly shared their story through books, media interviews and speeches at churches across the nation -- and now it will be revisited through a feature film.

TriStar Pictures, the production company behind "Heaven Is for Real," exclusively granted TheBlaze early access to a key scene in the film -- one that captures just one of the revelations that eventually led Colton's parents to believe that their son had a first-hand experience with the afterlife.

The scene focuses on Colton's claim that he met a sister he never knew he had while he was in heaven. He said the little girl hugged him, told him she was his sister and that she had died in his mother's "tummy."

What Colton didn't know, though, was that his mother had a miscarriage when she was just two months pregnant.

The Burpos, who included this story in their book and have spoken about it openly, said that their son's revelation was truly eye-opening. It is one of the key moments in the film.

Watch the scene below:

Todd Burpo, a pastor, recently told TheBlaze that his son's claim was actually quite comforting and that it was “a huge moment of that peace that surpasses understanding” for him and his wife.

“As a pastor, I remember when we had that miscarriage looking through the Bible (and wondering what) does happen to miscarried babies … but there’s no verse that explicitly addresses that,” he said.

"Heaven Is for Real" releases in theaters nationwide on April 16.


Featured image via TriStar Pictures

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