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Video: Once the Elevator Doors Close Behind a Woman and Her Dogs, All Hell Breaks Loose


“I thought I was going to watch him die."

(Source: YouTube)

“I thought I was going to watch him die."

That's how Tamara Seibert describes what happened earlier this month during what she thought was going to be a routine elevator ride with her dog and another pooch she was dog-sitting. But it was anything but.

On March 2, Seibert hopped into the elevator with her Rottweiler, Vado, and Tessa, her friend's Pitbull. As the doors closed behind her, video of the incident shows nothing out of the ordinary. Then, out of nowhere, Vado is yanked off the floor to the top of the door and left flailing as he hangs by his collar. The leash had gotten caught in the door -- and not only was it wrapped around Vado's neck, it was also stuck around Seibert's hand.

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

“He’s 110 pounds and he was just picked clean off the ground. I just panicked and was going to do whatever I could to get him down," she told the Tornto Sun.

She struggled to get him loose, but to no avail. Then, the leash snapped. The doors opened, and a flustered Seibert can be seen massaging her hand and trying to gather her belongings as the dogs wander out into the hall:

“I don’t even watch it,” the college student said about the unbelievable video that's now sweeping the Internet. “The last time I watched it I realized I picked up some random person’s garbage off the elevator when I was so out of it that I was scooping everything in the elevator.”

Seibert was shaken up after the incident. Vado? He was fine.

“I was trying to keep it together, but at the end you see me fall to my knees,” she told the Sun. “I curled into a little ball in the parking garage floor and bawled my eyes out hysterically. I think (Vado) thinks he maybe did something bad, I posted the next day of him running around a backyard. But he was never afraid to go back in the elevator. I think he knows no one was trying to hurt him.”

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