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How Can a 9-Month-Old Baby Be Arrested for Attempted Murder?

(Courtesy: GEO News via CNN)

Police in Pakistan reportedly arrested a 9-month-old baby boy for attempted murder.

(Courtesy: GEO News via CNN) (Courtesy: GEO News via CNN)

The details are really sketchy, but Fox News reports that Muhammad Mosa Khan, the baby, and 30 other people were charged with threatening police and interfering with state affairs.

Police claim the suspect attempted to kill security officers by throwing stones at them following a raid to catch suspected gas thieves in Lahore, Pakistan, the Times of India reports.

When the judge got one look at the baby boy, he reportedly adjourned the case. Police now say the baby being arrested was only a misunderstanding. However, the judge was unable to dismiss the case completely because it’s not in his jurisdiction.

The superintendent who filed the charges against the child has reportedly been suspended.

The boy’s father claims police arrested them on made up charges and said the crowd was protesting an electricity shortage.

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