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Here Are a Few of the Dire Consequences Obama Says Will Happen If Republicans Get Their Way With the Budget


"[T]heir budget forces deep cuts..."

President Barack Obama warned in his weekly address Saturday of the consequences he says will become a reality if congressional Republicans are successful in passing their budget.

"[T]heir budget forces deep cuts to investments that help our economy create jobs, like education and scientific research," Obama said.

"Now, they won’t tell you where these cuts will fall. But compared to my budget, if they cut everything evenly, then within a few years, about 170,000 kids will be cut from early education programs," the president continued. "About 200,000 new mothers and kids will be cut off from programs to help them get healthy food. Schools across the country will lose funding that supports 21,000 special education teachers. And if they want to make smaller cuts to one of these areas, that means larger cuts in others."

Obama also noted in his weekly address that the GOP budget also tries to repeal his signature healthcare law, while increasing wealth disparity.

"Policies that benefit a fortunate few while making it harder for working Americans to succeed are not what we need right now," Obama said.

In a press conference earlier this week, however, Republican House Speaker John Boehner contended that the president's policies are the ones to blame.

"You know, the president likes to focus on income inequality," he said. "But, incomes are lower under his watch. In matter of fact, I would argue that his policies are driving a lot of income inequalities that we see today."

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