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'It's Called Freedom of Speech': Blaze Readers React to ‘Marine and Soldier’ Who Responded to Protesters Holding U.S. Flag Upside Down
Image source: YouTube

'It's Called Freedom of Speech': Blaze Readers React to ‘Marine and Soldier’ Who Responded to Protesters Holding U.S. Flag Upside Down

"Disrespect the flag at your own risk! It’s 'fighting actions' as sure as using 'fighting words.'"

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about two men wearing Marine and Army T-shirts who were upset with two people riding a moped and holding a U.S. flag upside down during a protest over police shooting a homeless man in New Mexico.

The “soldiers” chased the protestors and took the flag from them. Some said the men were heroes while others said they violated the protestors’ freedom of speech.

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:

From Virginia

An upside-down American flag signifies a country in distress. I have been flying the colors upside down since the Kelo decision. Anyone looking at the current state of affairs in this country can’t help but notice we are a country in distress.


It’s pretty sad when Americans don’t understand what the symbolism behind an upside-down flag means.

It means distress.

If militarized police forces killing citizens for no apparent reason isn’t distressful, I’m not sure what is anymore.


All of you who are applauding these two meatheads need to realize some things.

First of all, flying the flag upside down is not disrespectful. It is a position to show that the nation is in distress. Do any of you here honestly believe that our nation isn’t in distress?

Second, that guy was free to fly his flag any way he wants. It’s called freedom of speech, and it’s protected by law as well as a natural right. Assaulting people, however, is NOT protected by law and NOT a natural right. Nobody should be supporting the actions of these two thugs.


With Freedom, comes Responsibility! The protesters had to know, that by treating the American flag like crap, is the same as treating every person who serves and every veteran like crap. It's one of the most hateful things a person can do toward veterans and basically all Americans. For every action, there is an equal, opposite reaction. And they got a reaction. The U.S. flag is the symbol for America, even when there is a Marxist-Leninist in the White House (living the high life, mostly on vacation and golfing). It represents all Americans, including those bozos who decided to shame this wondrous flag. If they hate America and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and everything we stand for, then please move to North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or even Iran. Semper Fi.


They must NOT be active duty, or they would understand that flying the flag upside down is showing respect. It's the international sign of distress and accurately describes our country. Also, theft is a dischargeable offense. Locate these “soldiers” and teach THEM respect.


The flag being flown upside down is a sign of distress. When our president passes executive orders without batting an eye, school children are taught that the Constitution is an outdated document, and the country is near financial collapse, our country is most definitely wounded and freedom is dying. These soldiers should be mad, but not at the people who wave the flag the way they did; they should be mad at the people who gave the protesters reason to protest.


It is disturbing — but not surprising — how many people here think the soldiers actions were patriotic and that they had the right to chase down, take the flag from the protesters, and possibly assault them. No one has the right to attack someone simply because of what someone is saying or how they are saying it. Nor do you have the right to attack someone simply because you are offended by what they are saying — there is no right to not be offended. What the soldiers did was not an act of patriotism — it was the antithesis of patriotism.

Nor is the applauding of their actions an act of patriotism — the applause is too the antithesis of patriotism. Many here who would claim to be patriots and Constitutionalists are very quick to dismiss the rights of those they disagree with. You cannot call yourself a patriot when you are so quick to dismiss the rights of others, threaten or wish for violence upon them, just because you do not like them or what they are saying.


I am a former member of 3rd special forces out of Bragg. These guys are the new military, untrained and undisciplined. The flag is the symbol of our freedom — to invert it is to make a claim of country, base, command center, or even platoon is in distress. Is this country in distress? I think so. To protest is a right of every one of our countrymen when we see something wrong. If these guys are truly military, they would know what this meant. And they would remember their OATH. This is a sign of your new government taking away rights and using young and dumb to do their bidding. And before some numbskull asks, "So, you believe in burning the flag?" "NO, and if you need proof of that, do it in my presence." Note: If I ever fly our flag inverted, you can bet there is gonna be trouble if someone grabs it from me. Arrogance is the absence of wisdom. Hang in there, my fellow Americans.


Disrespect the flag at your own risk! It’s “fighting actions” as sure as using “fighting words.” Active military or veterans who have lost friends defending it just might lose it and go off on offenders. No, they don’t have the right to assault you; but they will happily pay the consequences of kicking your butt! As a Vietnam veteran I do not see the correlation of dishonoring the flag protesting local police shootings. Use a police symbol, not one that represents soldiers sacrificing their lives for their country. I would not have a problem with the protesters disrespecting an effigy of the Chief of Police, Mayor, Governor or President. The flag has nothing to do with the actions of bad Americans. It has everything to do with our heroes who embody the flag.


As soldiers we stand to uphold the Constitution. The whole Constitution. Not just bits and pieces. And because as soldiers we protect the American people. All of them. Even the dumb ones who fly the flag upside down. So let them do it. It sucks really, but we as soldiers gave them that right.


I truly honor those men for serving our great country and putting their lives on the line for us all. However, I find it at least mildly disturbing that two military men didn’t know that flying the flag upside down is a symbol of distress. We’re nothing, if not in distress, as a people right now.


I served many years in the Marines, and I am proud of these two men for showing what courage and commitment to your country and your fellow Americans is all about...The flag does not represent the U.S. government; it represents the people who are free in this country, and it represents those who've died for the freedom that we all take for granted. What these men did was commendable. They didn’t use any violence; they weren’t ridiculously out of line. They simply protected the dignity of the sanctity of the U.S. colors — and when we service members swear an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and all it represents, we take it seriously; it’s an oath, and an oath is for life — not just when you're in uniform.


I could understand the flag of Albuquerque, N.M being flown upside down, but what did the U.S. flag have to do with this situation?


As a veteran I have to say that these guys are wrong. We've sworn to protect their right to wave the flag upside down. It is a sign of distress and IMO is justified. This is NOT the country that it should be and is supposed to be. The fact that the young brainwashed military youth ran and acted the way they did means they have forgotten the OATH they took at MEPS when they signed up: “To support and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic." These guys let their pride get in the way and have allowed themselves to be a “domestic” enemy of the Constitution. This bothers me beyond belief and has justified my belief that the brainwashing of my fellow troops has gotten over the edge. If they are ever unleashed on American citizens, especially those protesting their tyrannical government, I fear they will do as they are told rather then remember their oaths. May God have mercy on us and the monster we have created.


This would be the type of Marine that I could not stand behind. He sounds like he claims to be so proud of his flag and such, but if you think about it,what is he doing? This man on the motorcycle is exercising his first amendment right to free speech. It doesn't make a difference if you agree or not with the guy — he has every right to exercise free speech.

But this Marine is, in fact, censoring that which he disagrees with by taking that flag from the protestor.

Personally I do feel this country is in dire danger of being destroyed, so I can’t say I disagree with the flag being flown upside down, which is a symbol of distress not disrespect!

So in my view this Marine is a threat to freedom if he feels he can silence opponents in such a manor!

On top of that, in the process of taking this flag, he breaks one of the main rules of the flag. NEVER LET IT TOUCH THE GROUND. And not only does he let it fall to the ground, but also he runs over it, trampling it.


I’m sticking with the Marine and Army soldiers on this, all the way. They may have bled for those colors!

If protesters feel that they need to bring attention to their cause, why not carry the images of their congressman or senators instead?

When they decide to trash and disrespect any national symbol, they are inviting every single one of us to react.


I haven’t had a chance to read all the previous but wanted to point out that the “protester” with his head wrapped insurgent style actually threw the flag on the ground before either of the servicemen got to him guess that shows his level of "respect" for the flag as well as his level of determination to stand by and defend his beliefs like the servicemen did. Duck and run never won anything but righteous scorn.

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