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English Teacher Responds to Student’s Profane, Ignorant Letter in Most Amazing Way Possible


"F*** You, F*** English IV"


An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) reportedly found a profane letter from a student taped to the door of the classroom.

The teacher had a few options: Call some parents, scold her entire class or maybe take the letter to the principal.

Instead, the unidentified teacher did something so much better.

The educator meticulously went through each and every line, correcting a plethora of mistakes using a red pen.

The teacher concluded with a simple message at the bottom of the page: “Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.”

Though the image is going viral on Reddit, there is always a chance that the letter was faked. We just really, really hope it’s 100 percent real.

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Note: Blaze writer Jason Howerton discusses this story on today's BlazeCast:

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