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A beloved comic book character is going to be killed this summer


"Will "Peanuts" ever have Peppermint Patty smoking crack? Doubt it."

His fans and imaginary friends just use one name to identify him -- Archie. To some in the comic book world, he is an icon, but no matter how popular Archie Andrews is, he's going to die this summer.

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The news was announced Monday on the company's website. In the July issue of "Life With Archie #36," the long-running character will die. According to the press release, "The iconic comic book character, beloved by millions around the globe for over 70 years, will sacrifice himself heroically while saving the life of a friend..."

For additional thoughts on Archie's impending end, TheBlaze contacted Vinnie Penn, a writer and radio host at WELI in New Haven, CT. Penn contributed to an Archie comic in the past, and as a fan and writer, he felt uniquely qualified to comment on the news.

Penn's written response to our request for comment:

"I think this is the height of absurdity. Having pop singer Colbie Caillait pop up in an issue is one thing - pandering to the key demo in a way that makes sense, even if this lifelong Archie fan thinks it unnecessary - but whenever they delve into "headlines" for their storyline it reeks of desperation. I can appreciate the flash-forward idea, so clearly plucked from "Dawson's Creek" and "One Tree Hill," but the gimmickry is an obvious ploy for press. Archie is, was, and should always simply be about the joys of high school, of the fictional town Riverdale, and a celebration of simpler days. Will "Peanuts" ever have Peppermint Patty smoking crack? Doubt it. As for Archie selflessly sacrificing his life for one of his besties, it best not be Moose. Veronica or Betty I'd get. Speaking of which, didn't he marry one of them a few years back? Right."

Read the full news release from Archie Comics here.

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