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Writer Makes Life-Altering Decision to Become a Catholic Nun -- But a Major Barrier Nearly Derailed Her Aspirations


"I love the idea of being able to live for Christ with an undivided heart."

(Image source: Twitter/@mb_baker)

A public relations professional recently faced a major barrier when she decided to leave her job and become a Catholic nun.

(Image source: Twitter/@mb_baker) Mary Beth Baker hopes to become a nun. (Image source: Twitter/@mb_baker)

Mary Beth Baker, a senior staff writer at the Pinkston Group, a public relations firm in Washington, D.C., is planning to join the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, Tenn., in August.

But Baker, 28, hit a roadblock when she realized that $25,000 in student debt would prevent her from entering a convent.

Since nuns aren't allowed to join with an outstanding deficit, Baker turned to a crowd-funding campaign in an effort to settle her loans.

Christendom College, her Catholic alma mater, had previously forgiven some of the debt, but the remaining $25,000 was still on the books.

So, Baker launched a crowd-funding campaign a few days ago to raise the money needed to settle her debt.

"I have been accepted to the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia in Nashville, TN," she wrote on her Fundly page. "Before I can enter, I must pay off my remaining student loans. Will you help me meet that goal?"

And her campaign, "Help Mary Beth Enter the Convent," was apparently a major success, as Baker said in a tweet last night that she's now "all set" with her fundraising effort, though she's still accepting prayers from those who wish to offer them up.

Baker has spoken to the media, explaining why it's so important for nuns to have no debt before entering convents.

"You’re taken care of but you’re definitely not making money," Baker told ABC News.

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Baker's decision to become a nun came after she found herself no longer satisfied in life. It was then that she turned to prayer and began meeting with a priest who put her in touch with the sisters.

"As I've been realizing more, it's really about falling in love," Baker told the Huffington Post of her decision. "I love the idea of being able to live for Christ with an undivided heart."

It addition to paying off her debt, Baker will also get rid of her possessions, including books, clothes and her car -- major sacrifices that she will make to feel closer to God.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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