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Oops! 'Poor, Young' Ballgirl Makes Big Mistake


"... going to be on all the highlights ..."

Image source: MLB

It's a ballboy or ballgirl's worst nightmare: a whole major league baseball team and stadium full of fans staring at you, shaking their heads or furrowing their eyebrows.

The Toronto Blue Jays' Edwin Encarnacion hit a ball straight down the third base line at the Baltimore Orioles' park Sunday and it was called fair. But an overzealous ballgirl waiting in the wings scrambled onto the field to nab it, thinking it was a foul. The mistake momentarily cost Blue Jays' Adam Lind a run into home.

Image source: MLB Image source: MLB

Image source: MLB Image source: MLB

The ballgirl quickly realized her mistake and put on an embarrassed -- yet brave -- smile.

"My fault," she mouthed with an apologetic wave.

Image source: MLB Image source: MLB

Watch the play:

"This poor, young ballgirl is going to be on all the highlights, saying 'What a great play I made, oh yeah, oops,'" an announcer predicted correctly.

"That was a great play," another announcer chimed in.

Though Lind was forced to stay at third, but he was brought in to score on the next hit by Dioner Navarro.

In the end, the Jays creamed the Orioles 11-3.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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