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Watch: Here's the Anti-Gun Ad Featuring Two Children That Doesn't End Well

(Source: YouTube)

Earlier this week, we brought you the news that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg  was pumping $50 million into an umbrella group that is supposed to be the equivalent of an NRA for anti-gunners. Now we're getting a glimpse into one of the first ads from the organization. And no doubt it's meant to be shocking.

The ad (put out by Everytown for Gun Safety) features two children playing hide-and-seek. When one of the kids goes upstairs to hide under a bed, she finds a gun. She initially appears inquisitive, then begins to play with it. When her brother finally walks in on her, the camera cuts away to the sound of a bang and a mother screaming. The ad, right before the shocking moment, shows an interactive message with a countdown. If viewers click, it eventually takes them to a page where they can give their name, zip code and email address.

Viewers who don't click are treated to the heartbreaking ending, but they are then allowed to atone for their lack of clicking by still going to the sign-up page.

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

Here's the full ad:

Comments for the video have been disabled, but some are already pointing out flaws in it, such as the idea that a responsible gun-owners wouldn't story their firearm in such a careless manner and that the child wouldn't have been educated enough to know what not to do.

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