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Is Your Health Insurance Unaffordable Under Obamacare? Common Sense Care Can Help


PRESENTED BY:  Common Sense Care

Each day the reality of Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act) takes its toll as Americans feel the impact of skyrocketing health insurance costs. Whether you’re an employer that can no longer afford health insurance for your employees or an individual whose health insurance has been cancelled, the vast majority of Americans are experiencing the consequences of a government run amok.

The real-life stories of hard-working Americans who are worse-off today prove wealth redistribution for the fallacy it is– a mechanism to threaten and shrink the middle class. Take for example, Jason, 37, who recently spoke to Jim Jones of CommonSenseCare.com: “I make just enough money to not be able to afford health insurance.” Jason has a family, works hard and just wants to do what any middle-class American would like to do– support their family and the laws of their country at the same time.


After paying for food, mortgage, utilities and trying to save for his children’s college education, Jason has very little disposable income and not nearly enough money to pay for an Obamacare policy. “So I guess I’m going to get fined and have the risk of being on my own for getting sick or having a catastrophic accident. I’m getting penalized and putting my family at risk. That’s not right.” Jason is the prime example for why The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is so flawed.

But there’s hope. If you’re like Jason and can’t afford health insurance, or your health insurance comes with a high deductible, CommonSenseCare.com can help you.

As we see with Jason’s story, those who are paying full price for the “Affordable Care Act” can’t afford to pay for their own family’s insurance. The only thing Obamacare has managed to do is shift the cost of healthcare from one socioeconomic class to another, this time burdening the middle class. This is a classic consequence of wealth redistribution 

But Obamacare isn’t just unaffordable; it also limits choice in the healthcare marketplace. Currently, the Affordable Care Act offers only four plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of these plans comes with identical essential benefits, but has varying deductibles and co-insurance. By the time you reach the Gold and Platinum plans, however, the premiums are so expensive that they’re really not choices at all. That leaves just about everyone (especially the middle class) with two options– the Bronze or the Silver plan.

Many Americans like Jason don’t qualify for a federal subsidy, and their premiums are so high that they can’t afford them and go without health insurance altogether. Even with a generous subsidy, to access an Obamacare plan you have to pay a high deductible, which makes the insurance virtually inaccessible. Jason understands that Obamacare is not sustainable. “That’s not right,” he said.

The architects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) thought the American people would readily embrace wealth redistribution. The only problem with this is that young adults don’t want to be forced to buy an overpriced policy that compensates for people who are older or for those that qualify for a subsidy. Likewise, older adults aren’t interested in buying an overpriced policy for benefits they don’t want or will never use. And finally, small businesses don’t want overpriced policies that drive up costs, inhibit growth and stifle job creation.

If you think the insurance industry is bad now, wait until your healthcare is administered through the federal government. You can expect the efficiency of the postal service and the compassion of the IRS.

Middle class America will pay the price one way or another. They will have to either purchase insurance they can barely afford, putting families at more financial risk than ever before, or forgo coverage altogether because it’s too expensive. The bottom line is that ACA conflicts with its own intent: It shifts healthcare costs for the uninsured from one income class to another while failing to provide meaningful coverage. That is flawed law. 

There is a better way, an American way, and it begins with We The Peopletaking America back.

Visit CommonSenseCare.com today to find out how you can take control of your care and save on out-of-pocket costs.  

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