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'Holy S**t!': Wild Video of Trucker's Near-Rollover on Windy Highway Is Going Viral — and Audio From Trailing Vehicle Is Almost as Good


"That driver deserves a medal."

Image source: YouTube

A cellphone video heading into viral territory shows a truck driver preventing his semi from overturning during strong winds on a Kansas highway, according to KCTV-TV in Kansas City.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

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Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Here's the wild clip shot by an understandably freaked-out passenger in the trailing vehicle. (Content warning: strong language, loud rock and roll, and screams of approval):

"That driver deserves a medal," Jeff Steinberg told KCTV of the near-catastrophe on a road reportedly just south of Hays, Kansas, about two weeks ago. "That was a great driving maneuver there."

Steinberg, owner and driving instructor at APEX CDL Institute in De Soto, Kansas, said what the trucker accomplished can't be learned from training.

"He did the only thing you could do, which was a perfect reaction to turn in the wind," Steinberg told KCTV. "There's no way to actually teach that."

The trucker was reportedly driving for Butler Transport of Kansas City, Kansas.

[sharequote align="center"]"That driver deserves a medal."[/sharequote]

Richard Noeller, who runs and teaches at the Kansas Truck Driving School in Wichita, told KWCH-TV in Hutchinson, Kansas that trucker Guy Stapscott's recovery "was 70 percent divine intervention and 30 percent skill."

"I really thought it was going to go on over when I first seen it," Noeller told KWCH. "And then I seen the steering axle and I was kind of critiquing it."

Noeller pointed at the video as the semi nearly topples over in winds of 60 miles per hour: "The steering axle's already started its maneuver."

Noeller added that sand on the road likely grabbed the truck's tires and increased the turn radius into a jack-knifed position. "And as that tractor pivots around the centrifugal force is going to toss the trailer back," he told the station.

"He definitely had some skill," Noeller added. "I'm not taking anything away from the driver."

Longtime trucker Ivan Nance reacted with amazement while watching the dramatic video. "Oh, my goodness!" he said.

Nance noted that wind got the better of his rig one time and that preventing such an accident is quite the feat.

"Honestly, I don't know, but I just thank God the guy was able to save the truck and bring it back," Nance told KWCH. "I cannot tell you how that trailer, laying that far to the right, was able to come back."

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