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The Russian Army Parody Video That Russia's 'Leading New Media Content Distributor' Doesn't Want You to See


A video parody of a Russian military recruitment ad was removed from YouTube after a Russian media company complained to the video sharing giant.

Conservative filmmaker Michael Wilson — creator of the documentary "Michael Moore Hates America" — spoofed a Russian ad, but told TheBlaze Thursday he was surprised when YouTube removed it after Russian media distributor X-Media Digital filed a complaint claiming a copyright violation.

X-Media claims to be the "leading new media content distributor in Russia." Wilson told TheBlaze they often distribute the Kremlin's propaganda.

The conservative filmmaker added that he wanted to appeal the removal, but opted not to, for fear that his information would be provided to the Russians.

In order to counter the copyright claim, users must agree to Google's terms and conditions which allow them to turn over personal information to the other party.

"By submitting a counter-notificaiton, you consent to disclosing the information provided below, including your name, address, and phone number, to the claimant," the disclaimer reads.

Image source: Screen grab Image source: Screen grab provided by Michael Wilson

Wilson said he's unsure what the Russian media distributor would do with his information, but did not want to take chances.

"I don't know, that's the big unknown," he told TheBlaze. "Apparently they have [sued] before."

At the moment, Wilson said he was not sure what he would do, but was open to talking to a lawyer who would be willing to offer legal advice.

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