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Karl Rove Battles Juan Williams in Fiery Debate Over Clinton Comments: 'I Didn't Say It!


Juan Williams laid into Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday, telling the veteran political operator he could be inadvertently helping Hillary Clinton by bringing up her medical troubles.

Williams was referring to comments Rove made two weeks ago, in which he questioned how badly a December 2012 fall had injured Clinton, suggesting that the true severity of her head injury has been covered up.

Williams started to accuse Rove of saying Hillary Clinton had suffered "brain damage," at which point Rove interjected.

"I didn't say it, I didn't say it!" Rove yelled.

What he said was that she had suffered a concussion, Rove said, which is by definition a "traumatic brain injury."

Williams still wasn't having it.

“This was a harsh attack by Karl,” Williams said. “This is a personal attack. It wasn’t about ideas. The GOP at this moment is apoplectic over Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is to blame for Benghazi. Hillary Clinton is to blame for Nigeria. Hillary Clinton is to blame for Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton was a terrible Secretary of State! You guys are going crazy!"

In a particularly appropriate turn of phrase, Williams told Rove, "You’re beating her about the head and generating sympathy for her.”

Williams connected Rove's latest comments to the 2004 presidential campaign.

“Doesn’t this remind everybody that you,” Williams suggested, “and your past as a very effective political operative, have gone after people, the Swiftboating of John Kerry—”

“Which was entirely legitimate,” Rove interrupted.

“I’m saying this as someone who’s known you a long time,” Williams said. “You’re an effective political operative, but you may be helping Hillary Clinton.”

(H/T: Mediaite)

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