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The Most Heartbreaking Part of the Video Showing Someone Ditching a Puppy Is What the Dog Does After


"How do they treat their children if this is how they treat their dog?"

Image source: KLAS-TV

A home security camera in Nevada recorded a heartbreaking act: a person dropping off a puppy on a neighborhood street and driving away. Then it got even worse when the confused pup jogged along after the car.

Image source: KLAS-TV Image source: KLAS-TV

It was the camera on Toni Luisi's home that caught the act. And now the dog has been living at that same home for the past two weeks while Luisi tries to find the 6-month-old a permanent home.

"She's a love, and I feel really bad that someone could actually open a car door and just dump this beautiful animal," Luisi told KLAS-TV.

"How do they treat their children if this is how they treat their dog?" she added later.

Image source: KLAS-TV Image source: KLAS-TV

Luisi took the dog, which they've named Graci for the time being, for a rabies shot and had her checked for a microchip but none was found.

Watch KLAS-TV's report, which includes the surveillance footage:

Luisi has received emails from many families interested in Graci, but one in particular caught her eye.

“With all of the people emailing, it’s not going to be easy to choose a new home for her. But one of the emails was from a woman who said her son is a cancer survivor and he would love Graci as his pet. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m going to call her,” Luisi told NBC News. “That got my heart.”

In addition to finding Graci an adoptive family, Luisi said they hope the former owners can be found and brought to justice. Animal abuse comes with a $1,000 fine in Clark County.

Luisi was not able to spot the license plate on the SUV in the surveillance footage.

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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