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A Man Found Something by the Side of the Road That Wound Up in His Truck...and in His Heart

Image source: YouTube

An accidental discovery made Canadian man Stephane DesGroseillers a temporary dad -- but to a baby moose, not a human infant.

DesGroseillers stumbled across the newborn quadruped on the side of the road, lost and confused.

"When she was found she was still wet from birth and she had the umbilical cord, and she was very weak on her knees," DesGroseillers told CTV News.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Try as he might, he couldn't convince the creature to stay in the woods.

"The little calf kept coming back out on the road and wanting to go into the traffic," he said.

He called a local animal shelter, but it was closed.

"(The authorities) told me, 'You know what, Steph, you have a pet until somebody can take her in,'" he said.

So that's what he did.

The next day he was able to take the calf to the shelter, but he made a point of stopping first at a Tim Horton's -- kind of a Canadian Dunkin' Donuts -- for a cup of coffee.

"I basically felt blessed to be in a position to have crossed paths with that little animal," DesGroseillers said. "I felt I needed to share that with other people."

The calf is now in the care of an animal shelter in Ontario.

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