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Woman Smashes Record by Eating 72-Ounce Steak in Under Five Minutes... Then She Did It Again


"If there’s a zombie apocalypse, I want to stay away from this girl."

Image: YouTube

Molly Schuyler, 34, reportedly weighs in at 120 pounds. However, on Monday, the professional competitive eater may have added to that total after she consumed two steaks, each weighing 72 ounces.

Moreover, she accomplished this feat in under 15 minutes.

You should also know that the challenge is not just about eating a steak. In order to successfully beat the "Big Texan Steak Challenge" you have to eat an entire meal that includes: shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, salad, a roll with butter and the 72 oz. steak.

Image: Screen capture NBC-DFW.com Image: Screen capture NBC-DFW.com

There are  strict rules governing the challenge. The entire meal must be finished within 60 minutes of the official start time. You cannot have any help. Once the clock has started, you cannot leave the table for any reason. If you get sick, the contest is over. Further, all meals are paid for in advance. If you finish it, you receive a full refund.

Image: BigTexan.com Image: BigTexan.com

Schuyler crushed the "Big Texan Steak Challenge" when she consumed the first massive piece of meat in under five minutes. The Dallas-Fort Worth NBC affiliate reported that Schuyler's 4:48 time set a record.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Molly Schuyler is the first woman to successfully complete two of the Big Texan Steak Challenge meals in one sitting. According to co-owner Danny Lee, "only a 500 pound Siberian tiger ate the steak faster than Molly's 4:48."

Let's not forget that after she consumed the first steak, Schuyler polished off another 72-ounce steak and rest of the meal in under ten minutes.

That is 144 ounces of steak -- eaten by a 120-pound woman -- in less than 15 minutes. Schuyler believes that she could have downed a third steak, and told NBC-DFW.com that she may attempt it in the near future.

How big of an accomplishment is this? Schuyler now owns two of the four fastest times in the Big Texan Steak Challenge (She's #1 and #4).

The Big Texan has been offering the 72 oz. steak challenge since 1962. The "Hall of Fame" section has 37 pages with the names, dates, weight, and additional comments of people who have been certified as completing the task and earning the free meal.

TheBlaze contacted the restaurant for additional details. According to anecdotal data from Bobby and Danny Lee (the second generation of owners of the iconic steak house), only one out of every nine people who attempts the challenge is successful. The Lees confirmed Schuyler's accomplishment -- she is the first woman to consume two of the Big Texan Steak Challenge meals in one sitting.

The restauranteurs also shared some fascinating details about Monday's record-breaking event.

While most of the names on the Big Texan's "Hall of Fame" list are men, the Lee's say that it is women who are statistically more successful than men. On average, one or two women try the big steak each week and half of them finish the task. For the men who order the big meal, in an average week as many as 30 may try, but only 3-5 will finish the job. Danny Lee believes that the women come prepared, with a plan.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Such was the case with Schuyler. According to the Lees, she walked in and ordered two of the dinners, paid for both of them and began executing her plan.

After the second steak dinner "disappeared," Danny Lee wondered where the "little, skinny, 120 pound woman" put the steak and asked if he could feel her stomach. She happily allowed him to touch her stomach. Lee reported to TheBlaze that it was "hard as a rock." Danny Lee also told the Amarillo Globe News, "If there’s a zombie apocalypse, I want to stay away from this girl."

TheBlaze spoke with Schuyler about competitive eating and her smashing Joey Chesnutt's record at the Big Texan. Despite rumors circulating that she runs 20-plus miles a day to burn off the massive amounts of food she consumes while competing, Schuyler laughed and told us, "No, I'm not a runner... I have a treadmill in the basement, but I'm not running even 10 miles a day."

When asked how she felt about destroying Joey Chesnutt's 2008 record at the Big Texan (he devoured the big meal in 8:52), a humble Schuyler almost sounded embarrassed, "I love Joey," she gushed, "he's the nicest man."

Will there be a face-off between Chesnutt and Schuyler at Coney Island's annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest?

"No," declared Schuyler, "I don't like hot dogs, the most I can do is 40-45 of them. Joey would kill me."

It's good to know your limits.

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