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Hear What Happens When a Transgender Person Calls Rush Limbaugh on the Radio


"Oh, that’s right, I didn’t even think of that!"

Rush Limbaugh

A transgender person called into Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Thursday, offering her thoughts on the word “tranny” as well as graphic sexual acts.

After being accused of being against “transgender rights,” Limbaugh told “Tina from Colorado” that he’s “been for trannies for a long time.”

Limbaugh was surprised when Tina told him that the term “tranny” is offensive to some transgender people. Tina actually said the crusade to “reclaim” the word is similar to black people and the “n-word.”

Pretty soon, the conversation got a little more… adult-themed.

Tina lamented the difficulty of finding a mate as a transgender person because people may be worried they will be “tricked” into hooking up with a “tranny.”

“At some point, even if you do trick them, they are going to find out that they’ve been tricked and it’s not going to work, right?” Limbaugh asked. “If they think you’re a guy, but you’re not, at some point they are going to find out if they try to have sex.”

“Well a lot of times, people have oral sex or anal sex in the dark,” Tina responded.

“Oh, that’s right, I didn’t even think of that!” Limbaugh said. “Oh, you’re right, because everybody has — Oh, gee.”

Listen to the entire segment via the Daily Rushbo:

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