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Suspect Shot and Killed During Violent Assault – But It's How It Happened That's Almost Unbelievable


"It was a brutal weekend, there’s no getting around it."

(Photo: Shutterstock/Burlingham)

One of the two thugs who violently assaulted a man in Detroit on Monday night was shot dead — by his own partner’s gun, police say. It was a freak accident that probably wouldn’t happen the same way if reenacted 1,000 times.

When one of the armed thugs pistol-whipped their victim, the gun reportedly went off, hitting his accomplice in the neck, according to Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt. The one shot proved to be fatal.

(Photo: Shutterstock/Burlingham) (Photo: Shutterstock/Burlingham)

As the Detroit News’ George Hunter reports, the incident is part of a “wave of violence” that has hit the city. There have reportedly been 36 shootings and four deaths since Friday.

“It was a brutal weekend, there’s no getting around it,” Dolunt said. “A lot of these shootings couldn’t have been prevented. A lot of them happened inside houses, and we simply can’t be inside everyone’s home.”

While “crime is down,” he said there’s “only so much the police can do.”

(H/T: Deadline Detroit)

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