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Viral Video: This Guy Was Furious That Driver of $400,000 Lamborghini Was ‘Racing’ — He Did Not Handle It Rationally


"Keep racing! Keep doing it!"

A furious pedestrian was caught on video confronting the driver of a roughly $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador for allegedly “racing” through the streets.

The unidentified man walks into the middle of the street in an apparent attempt to stop the vehicle. As the car began to slowly drive around him, the man tells the driver, “Keep racing! Keep doing it!”

Before the Lamborghini takes off, the man can be seen hurling what appears to be a rock at the super car. Judging from the sound of the impact, it was a direct hit.

The car then speeds away from the rock-throwing pedestrian. It's unclear where or when the video was taken.

The video, which has over 218,000 views on YouTube, was going viral on Friday (WARNING: Strong language):

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