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Fed-Up Mom Vindicated After Taking a Stand Over Sign That Said the 'Law' Requires a Nurse to Have 'Private' Conversations With Minors


"This has everything to do with the erosion of parental rights."

Credit: Christy Duffy

Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, tells TheBlaze it “made a mistake” when it posted a sign notifying parents that a new law mandates that a nurse hold a “private” conversation with minors.

“We made a mistake as we worked to implement new information systems at Sparrow for minors and we apologize for the error,” the hospital said in a statement. “Sparrow will not be implementing mandatory private conversations with adolescent patients.”

The hospital claims it was attempting to interpret state and federal law that allows minors the ability to access certain types of care without their parents’ knowledge or consent. These services include prenatal and pregnancy-related health care, substance abuse services, STD diagnosis or treatment and birth control at provider’s discretion.

Credit: Christy Duffy Credit: Christy Duffy

TheBlaze sent a follow-up email asking the hospital if they had any idea how many parents complied with the sign, thinking that they were required by law to consent to the private conversation. Here's the response we received:

"The sign was intended to give people a heads up, and we're not aware of any private visits being completed."

Controversy erupted over the sign, pictured above, after Christy Duffy refused to comply with the so-called “new law” and posted about it on her blog. TheBlaze first covered the story and the news spread across various news websites.

“This has nothing to do with me being afraid or me not wanting my daughter to not have access to reproductive health information,” Duffy said in a recent interview with TheBlaze. “This has everything to do with the erosion of parental rights.”

She also said she wants parents to be aware that they do not have to consent to any “private” conversations between their minor child and a health professional.

You can watch Duffy's appearance on "The Glenn Beck Program" via TheBlaze TV here.

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