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A Really Strange Mass Passing-Out Incident Reportedly Occurred in Japan


A group of college students go out drinking, and then all the women in the group — but apparently almost none of the men — pass out in the middle of the street.

Was it a case of attempted mass date rape?

Posts on social media this weekend were picked up by mainstream Japanese news programs, Kotaku reported, showing a large group of college-aged women incapacitated in the middle of a Tokyo street — and sparking allegations of foul play.

Image source: screengrab via YouTube Image source: screengrab via YouTube

As Kotaku reported:

Police arrived on the scene, and online, some thought that the students were passed out drunk. However, as one eye witness told Tokudane!, it was largely females who had passed out on the street. Many of the women were completely incapacitated, leading many online in Japan to wonder if they allegedly had their drinks spiked by the male members attending the drinking party. This is currently internet conjecture.

The case is apparently under investigation by both the police and Meiji University, where the women are believed to be students and members of the tennis club.

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