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Caught on Video: Shocking Act of Road Rage Has Some Calling for the 'Heavy Fist of Justice' to Come Down on the Perpetrators


"She jumps up on the hood and runs and does a weave move and jumps on top of him and helps knock him down..."


Police are investigating a shocking act of road rage that was caught on video following a car accident near Carrollton, Kentucky.

The witness, David Boggs, told WAVE-TV that man in denim shorts crashed his truck into another man’s truck. He says the man in the denim shorts yanked the other driver out of the car and then a woman who was with the aggressor sat on the other driver while the man in the denim shorts punched him in the face.


"She jumps up on the hood and runs and does a weave move and jumps on top of him and helps knock him down,” Boggs said. “Then he starts beating him up. This girl she never got off of him even when I pulled away she was still sitting on top of him and the man who got hit he never was aggressive or nothing.”

Boggs said he left the scene and called 911 because he was in fear of his own safety. He said the furious man in the denim shorts continued punching the other man even when he was defenseless on the ground.

“Kentucky State Police said no arrests have been made, but they are reviewing the video and will be consulting the county attorney to see if any charges will be filed,” WAVE-TV reports. News, Weather

Most of the commenters on the story called on police to prosecute the individuals involved in the beating.

"This is why people are doing more of this. The law needs to come down on these people with a heavy fist of justice," one user wrote.

"That's why 1 should always carry protection.. One never knows when they will encounter an out of control idiot(s). I'm just saying," another added.

"If they can find the people WHY wouldn't charges be filed? Good Lord it was all caught on video with an eye witness!! People shouldn't be able to get away with this crap!" a female commenter wrote.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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