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Next front in banned sports team names: Los Angeles Angels and New Orleans Saints?


With a government agency invalidating the Washington Redskins trademark, and certain cable news hosts refusing to say the name, there has been speculation about what will be next when it comes to banned sports team names.

SE Cupp thinks she has the answer: "The next front of this will come from my people: atheists," she said on her TheBlaze Radio show "Cain and Cupp" Saturday morning. "You can take your Angels back, you can take your Padres back, you can take your Saints back."

Cupp continued: "I'll never understand atheists who become such joiners, and so militant and organized. That's one of the appealing parts of being an atheist to me, I'm not part of a group, a club, of people who believe in the same thing, and I'm not angry about something."

Her co-host, Will Cain, summed it up: "There's such a societal yearning to be a victim, to run to victimhood, to cloak yourself in offense. It's such a trend to be offended."

This conversation starts at the 48-minute mark. (Also discussed: what should happen in Iraq, male insecurities and parenting advice:)

What do you think - will atheists look to ban religious-themed sports mascots and team names? What will be the NEXT front in banning of sports team names?

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